Overcoming Brainwashing and the Propaganda of the Illuminati

Many people see the Illuminati as an “all powerful” group but they are not. Powerful but not “all powerful”, to give them the title of being all powerful is to surrender yourself and whatever God you belief in totally to them. Once you've have done that you have lost faith and the ball game is over. I want to share my thoughts on how to take the life out of the Illuminati.

First of all you have to know how they operate and how they condition the masses. Let's start with brainwashing. They get people to willingly go along with their plans by simply brainwashing them and using propaganda. For example, let's take 9/11. Fifteen minutes after the planes hit the twin towers CNN reported that Osama Bin Laden was responsible and most people around the world believed it without any valid proof. Within hours the FBI even released photos and provided a list of 19 men who they said were the hijackers even though 5 of the 19 men that were on the list were alive and well living in Saudi Arabia.

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It Was The Illuminati Who Killed Michael Jackson

The general public is unaware that it was The Illuminati who had Michael Jackson murdered. So the question begs why would they want him dead? For many reasons, but before I go into the details of Michael Jackson's assassination, let me give you a short primer on the Illuminati. Hidden behind the veil of their secret society the group known as the Illuminati have still managed to garner great attention and acclaim. They have been blamed for everything imaginable such as being the igniting force behind the French Revolution and being the real masterminds behind the 9/11 attacks. They have even been credited with assassinating Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy.

Most people have heard of the Illuminati thanks to popular culture exposing them to their existence. However, this exposure came as a result of rumors and innuendos being spread about certain entertainers or celebrities allegedly being part of the Illuminati and owing their fame and fortune to them. Some of these rumors and innuendos were so far-fetched that a great deal of people dismissed them and as a result became highly skeptical of the Illuminati even existing. The prevailing thought is that the Illuminati are nothing more than a lame concoctions hatched by those loony conspiracy theorists. They believe this assertion without doing any valid research.

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