Overcoming Brainwashing and the Propaganda of the Illuminati

Many people see the Illuminati as an “all powerful” group but they are not. Powerful but not “all powerful”, to give them the title of being all powerful is to surrender yourself and whatever God you belief in totally to them. Once you've have done that you have lost faith and the ball game is over. I want to share my thoughts on how to take the life out of the Illuminati.

First of all you have to know how they operate and how they condition the masses. Let's start with brainwashing. They get people to willingly go along with their plans by simply brainwashing them and using propaganda. For example, let's take 9/11. Fifteen minutes after the planes hit the twin towers CNN reported that Osama Bin Laden was responsible and most people around the world believed it without any valid proof. Within hours the FBI even released photos and provided a list of 19 men who they said were the hijackers even though 5 of the 19 men that were on the list were alive and well living in Saudi Arabia.

The media outlets even stated as fact that the twin towers fell because of the impact of the planes which of course is scientifically impossible. It is scientifically impossible because no steel frame buildings before and since 9/11 has ever collapsed due to fire. The World Trade Center buildings were designed to withstand the impact of airplanes. The melting point of steel is 2700 degrees Fahrenheit and the temperature of jet fuel fire does not exceed 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

So how could it even be possible that the jet fuel fire melted the steel which supposedly led to the collapse of the buildings? Obviously it's ridiculous right? But people believed this nonsense hook, line and sinker! Why? Simply because they fell for the propaganda that was spread throughout the corporate control Illuminati media. They were brainwashed.

So the key is don't believe everything you read, see or hear in the Illuminati controlled media. Investigate events for yourself, check out alternative media like for example Alex Jones' Info wars and other reputable sources or visit this website on the regular and we will help you to decipher what's going on. The bottom line is you must become a critical and independent thinker and question everything or you are nothing more than a sheep being led to the slaughterhouse. Wouldn't you agree?

Secondly, you have to stop watching these stupid mind numbing programs on television because they are simply there to keep you in a stupor and distract you and divert your attention away from the real issues that are going on in the world. While you are sitting in front of the TV watching these ridiculous reality shows and sporting events the planet is being conquered by the Illuminati with little resistance because the masses of people are asleep!

So you must wake up and get engaged and involved by doing your part in uncovering what's really going on in the world and once you have found out what's going on you must spread the word by enlightening the people around you because many of them are brainwashed. You must raise their consciousness level because it is only through collective consciousness and collective action by the masses that will enable us to not only thwart the plans of the illuminati but to defeat them.

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