It Was The Illuminati Who Killed Michael Jackson

by Frank White

The general public is unaware that it was The Illuminati who had Michael Jackson murdered. So the question begs why would they want him dead? For many reasons, but before I go into the details of Michael Jackson's assassination, let me give you a short primer on the Illuminati. Hidden behind the veil of their secret society the group known as the Illuminati have still managed to garner great attention and acclaim. They have been blamed for everything imaginable such as being the igniting force behind the French Revolution and being the real masterminds behind the 9/11 attacks. They have even been credited with assassinating Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy.

Most people have heard of the Illuminati thanks to popular culture exposing them to their existence. However, this exposure came as a result of rumors and innuendos being spread about certain entertainers or celebrities allegedly being part of the Illuminati and owing their fame and fortune to them. Some of these rumors and innuendos were so far-fetched that a great deal of people dismissed them and as a result became highly skeptical of the Illuminati even existing. The prevailing thought is that the Illuminati are nothing more than a lame concoction hatched by those loony conspiracy theorists. They believe this assertion without doing any valid research.

If they took the time out to actually do the research they would discover that the Illuminati do exist in the annals of history and they are indeed a powerful group that is presently shaping the world right in front of our eyes, but many are unable to see their hidden hand. Here are the facts:

History of the Illuminati

The Illuminati was founded on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt a professor of Canon Law at the University of Bavaria at Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Germany. Weishaupt who was funded by the Rothschilds was a Jew who converted to Roman Catholicism and became a Jesuit Priest. However, he became dissatisfied with the Catholic Church and later broke away from them to form the Illuminati who he originally called the Perfectibilists or "the perfect ones", as their aim was to create a perfect world where all men and women were equal and the Catholic Church had absolutely no say in government.

Weishaupt eventually adopted the name Illuminati which means “enlightened ones” and he modeled this secret society after freemasonry. He then used this freemasonry cover to infiltrate the Masonic lodges with the goal of placing Illuminati members into the positions of power. During this particular time period there were many famous Illuminati members such as literary men Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Johann Gottfried Herder and the Dukes of both Weimar and Gotha.

However, there was great opposition to this secret society known as the Illuminati. In 1785 , Karl Theodor ruler of Bavaria, Germany banned the Illuminati with the blessings of the Catholic Church. Weishaupt fled the country on horseback and while he was fleeing dropped some documents that revealed the plans of the Illuminati which included overthrowing every monarchy in Europe and essentially taking over the world.

Some historians note that the Illuminati disbanded in 1785 however, this was contrary to the fact that the Illuminati simply went underground and had prominent members located in the United States and throughout Europe poised to bring into existence their New World Order agenda which phrase is symbolically printed on the reverse side of the United States Seal and the dollar bill with the Latin words "Novus Ordo Seclorum" which translates to "a new order of the ages".

President George H.W. Bush (the Daddy) infamously introduced the concept of a New World Order in an address before a Joint Session of Congress on the State of the Union in 1991 where he waxed poetically about how the New World Order was “a big idea” "where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind -- peace and security, freedom, and the rule of law". This all sounds nice, but in reality the Illuminati's New World Order agenda headed by the 13 Illuminati bloodlines is nothing more than a sinister plot by the global elite and their true intentions and agenda consists of the following:

The establishment of a one world government

The establishment of a one world army

The establishment of one central bank

A micro-chipped enslaved population

A complete totalitarian state

The way that the Illuminati are executing their agenda of a New World Order is through entities such as the military, transnational corporations, the educational system, government and politics, banking, the media, entertainment, religion, organized crime, and through other secret societies such as The Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission etc .and through intelligence agencies like the CIA, Mossad, and MI6. I go into greater detail on how the Illuminati operate, the 13 Illuminati bloodline families, the symbolism that they use to communicate and are obsessed with in my “best selling” book entitled Who Are The Illuminati: The Secret Societies, Symbols, Bloodlines and The New World Order.


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The Illuminati and Michael Jackson

So you are probably wondering at this point what does this secret society known as the Illuminati have to do with the entertainer Michael Jackson and why would they want him dead? As I said, a few seconds ago the entertainment industry is one of the conduits that the Illuminati use to carry out their agenda. In regards to the entertainment industry this is carried out in the form of brainwashing and propaganda that is transmitted through the music and images of popular culture. Their goal is to hook the masses of people into a maze of satanic decadence that distracts them from thinking about important issues that affect the world today. It is through this distraction that the Illuminati are able to run amok and create chaos throughout the world without encountering any real resistance.

The Illuminati control the entertainment and music industries lock, stock and barrel and if an artist wants fame and fortune they must sell their souls to the powers that be who control these particular industries. No one will ever debate that Michael Jackson's ascent to the top of these industries were a result of his immense incomparable talents. However, to reach the status of “King of Pop” and the status of being the number 1 entertainer in the world he had to first get the blessings and approval of the Illuminati power structure.

Why is this so? For the simple fact he would automatically be in a very powerful position to influence the minds of billions of people throughout the world through his music so he had to be deemed safe by the Illuminati and the perfect vehicle for promoting and carrying out their agenda. Everything worked out well in the beginning as Michael Jackson became a child super star with the Jackson 5 which included his brothers Jermaine, Tito, Marlon, Jackie and Randy. They were managed by their disciplinarian father Joe Jackson and had mega hits such as ABC, Got To Be There, Never Can Say Goodbye and many others.

Speaking of Joe Jackson it is alleged that Michael Jackson was initiated into the Illuminati culture in a sexual way via Joe Jackson's arranged meetings with high powered businessmen. It is said that Michael detested these particular meetings and tried to escape them. Jermaine Jackson has been allegedly reported to have said that after these meetings occurred Michael would be sick for days. He also allegedly wondered “what Joseph was doing”.

Was Michael Jackson An MK Ultra Slave?

Many experts familiar with CIA MK Ultra mind control programming said that Michael Jackson fit the profile of a typical MK Ultra slave. In case you are not familiar with it let me explain to you what MK Ultra is. MK Ultra was an illegal U.S. government human research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans through the CIA's Scientific Intelligence Division. The MK Ultra project used sinister methodologies to manipulate people's mental states and alter brain functions. Some of these methodologies included the administering of drugs, chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, verbal and sexual abuse.

Kathleen Sullivan, an admitted former Illuminati slave states on her blog the following about Michael Jackson in regards to being a MK-Ultra slave.

"I've been tracking Michael Jackson via the news for about 10 years now. For reasons I will not get into in a public forum, I can state that I have absolutely no doubt that he's an MK-ULTRA variety slave, possibly introduced by his father into their bizarre "system" of spooks, commercialized pedophilia and more. My father introduced me to organized criminal pedophilia from early childhood on. Like Michael, I developed many altered states of consciousness to cope with the horrors I experienced and encountered. I also have no doubt that he would have been terribly abused as a child, even if he hadn't "allegedly" been given to others as a child to sexually service them. There's no other explanation for his obsession with being with children, in public and privately - especially in bed!”

Brice Taylor another former Illuminati slave stated in her book “Thanks For The Memories” the she accompanied legendary comedian Bob Hope to place that had a showcase for and up and coming talent for television shows. At this particular place she said that Michael Jackson and his brothers were to partake in this showcase. Brice Taylor shocking states that Bob Hope told that he was sponsoring the Jacksons in an effort to expand their careers. Before they were set to perform Brice allegedly recalls their father Joe Jackson leading them to a side room where all the boys had to drop their pants and “a big man raped each one of them in a line up”.

You can believe Brice's story or not that's entirely up to you and I admit it is a quite shocking story. However, you can rest assure that Michael Jackson's superior talents alone wasn't enough for him to achieve super stardom and worldwide acclaim. He and his brothers had to be financed, marketed and distributed by the music and entertainment Illuminati in order for them to achieve that success.

In the beginning, the powers that be didn't have a problem with Michael Jackson because he was perceived to be a non threat to them because of his passive and meek image and the belief that his only concern and focus was on his music, dancing and entertainment of the public. In fact, he obliged the powers to be quite dearly as he put their Illuminati symbols on his album covers and in his videos.

For example, if you take a look at his “Dangerous” album cover (if you don't have it just Google the picture of it) on the left side of the album cover there are roller coaster cars entering a tunnel with a Masonic symbol above the door. The cars are also filled with different animals and they are shown coming out of a tunnel with the Illuminati's “all seeing eye” above the door. There are also other strong Illuminati symbols on this particular album cover.

Michael Jackson Shrewd Businessman or Peter Pan?

Even though Michael Jackson portrayed to the public a meek and childlike image and the appearance of wanting to be the next Peter Pan, he was actually a very shrewd and aggressive businessman. When his “Thriller” album became a huge success he was flushed with cash. He was looking to invest this windfall into something that would give him huge returns many times over. So he sought the advice of John H. Johnson owner of the Johnson publishing empire and black publications Ebony and Jet magazine. Michael Jackson did not want to end up being broke like the entertainers and celebrities before him so he asked John H. Johnson what should he invest his money in. Johnson advised him to invest his money into the publishing business.

Paul McCartney also had a heavy influence on Michael in regards to investing his money into publishing. Michael briefly lived with Paul and Linda McCartney while recording their duet “Say Say Say”. During Michael's stay Paul McCartney showed him a list of every single song that he purchased a decade before and said that he made 40 million dollars in royalties in 1 year from owning these songs. After this revelation Michael Jackson looked and said to him “someday I am going to own your songs” to which Paul McCartney replied “hey great joke”.

However, Michael was very serious about his intentions. In fact, he went on to invest millions acquiring the rights to a wide variety of artists that included Elvis Pressley, Aretha Franklin, Little Richard, and Ray Charles. He also owned the rights to a number of songs written by legendary song writers Gamble and Huff and owned the entire catalogue of Sly and The Family Stone. However, his biggest acquisition was when he acquired the rights to every single song in the Beatles catalogue through his purchase of ATV Music Publishing which owned the rights to over 4,000 songs which included 250 songs made by the Beatles during “Beatlemania”.

In an ironic twist, Robert Holmes à Court who owned ATV Music Publishing at that time actually offered the catalogue to Paul McCartney and John Lennon's wife Yoko Ono first and they turned him down. Paul McCartney remarked that he couldn't see himself paying an exorbitant amount for songs that he and his friends wrote. But Michael Jackson saw the huge potential and immense value of owning such a catalogue and asset and purchased ATV Music Publishing for $47.5 million dollars bringing true to his prediction of one day owning Paul McCartney's songs.

Michael wasted no time, monetizing the Beatles catalogue. He immediately increased the licensing fees and licensed the song “Revolution” to Nike for $500,000 which infuriated Paul McCartney who felt that was way too high of a price to pay. But from Michael's point of view he was just maximizing the return on his investment which any businessman has the right to do. Michael also did something unprecedented, he gave Little Richard back the songs to his catalogue which Michael now owned because he knew that Black entertainers were exploited the harshest by the music establishment. In addition to this he also made sure that Sly Stone received royalties from his music.

These particular moves that Michael made drew the ire of the Illuminati controlled music establishment especially in regards to the benevolence he showed toward his fellow entertainers, because essentially the music industry makes a tremendous amount of money from literally sucking the blood of artists and viciously exploiting them. By Michael giving Little Richard his songs back and making sure that Sly Stone received royalties from his music he bucked the system.

The minute Michael Jackson gained ownership of this valuable catalogue of songs the powers that be plotted and worked feverishly to gain access to it. In 1995 Sony Music approached Michael with an offer to pay him $95 million to merge his ATV Music Publishing with Sony's catalogue forming a 50-50 joint owned venture. It was basically an offer Michael couldn't refuse because it was very attractive and lucrative. Not only did he earned back twice his initial investment he now owned 50% of a much larger company which eventually grew to over 2 million songs! As a result of this shrewd business move Michael now owned songs by artists such as Eminem, Lady Gaga, Bob Dylan and other highly acclaimed artists.

Michael Jackson Hates Sony and Tommy Mottola

In a few short years, things became sour between Michael Jackson and Sony. He was dissatisfied with them as an artist and he felt that they were purposely under promoting him. He believed that there was a conspiracy against him and the true aim of this lack of promotion was to use financial trickery to say that his albums weren't making a profit and costing Sony money. He was supposedly in the red and actually owed Sony money for marketing and promotion.

Michael believed that this was an attempt to squeeze him financially. He surmised that Sony believed that if he got further into debt (he had outstanding bank loans with Bank of America that he was making payments on) he would be forced to sell his 50% share in the partnership to them enabling them to wrestle sole ownership of the publishing catalogue. Things began to happen to Michael, during this time period he was accused of child molestation which he settled out of court for $20 million. After this incident, he was once again hit with another charge of child molestation which he was found innocent of in a court of law.

Michael's public image took a beating, sponsors abandoned him in droves and the public's perception of him changed completely. Michael was under constant attack and once again he believed there was a conspiracy against him and he stated this in an interview with Ed Bradley of 60 minutes. Michael stated the following:

“My album was number 1 all over the world and America is the only place where it's not number 1 because it's a conspiracy”.

Michael began to speak out against Sony and the head of their music division Tommy Mottola. He even went as far as launching an anti-Sony campaign which included rallies that included slogans such as “Sony kills music” and “Sony sucks”. He also recorded the anti-establishment song “They Don't Really Care About Us”. As Michael's relationship with Sony progressively deteriorated he anticipated his exit from Sony altogether.

He continued to vociferously speak out and hammer Sony publicly. On July 9, 2001 at Al Sharpton's National Action Network organization located in New York City he said the following:

"The minute I started breaking the all time record sales, I broke Elvis records, I broke the Beatles records. The minute Thriller became the all time selling record in the Guinness Book of World Records, overnight they called me a freak, they called me a homosexual, they called me a child molester, they said I bleached my skin. They made everything to turn the public against me. This is a complete conspiracy you have to know that".

On July15, 2002 almost a year later he came out even bolder with his claims against Sony. In a gathering in London he said the following:

“The tradition of great performers from Sammy Davis Jr. to James Brown to Jackie Wilson to Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, the story is usually the same. These guys work really hard at their craft and their story ends the same. They are usually broken, torn and usually just sad and the story is very sad at the end because the company takes advantage of them they really do. And Sony being the artist that I am, I have generated several billions of dollars for Sony and they really thought my mind was on music and dancing and it usually is, but they never thought that this performer, myself would outthink them.

So we can't let them get away with what they are trying to do because now I am a free agent and I owe Sony just one more album and it's just a box set. So I am leaving Sony a free agent owning half of Sony. I own half of Sony's publishing and I am leaving them and they are very angry at me. I just did good business you know and Tommy Mottola is a devil. Mariah Carey after divorcing Tommy came to me crying. She was crying so bad I had to hold her. She said to me that this is an evil man. Michael this man follows me, he taps my phone and he is very very evil and I don't trust him and he is a horrible human being”.

Also during this time period (around the time of his molestation trial) media reports began to surface stating that Michael Jackson was flat broke. Michael refuted this notion in an interview with the Reverend Jesse Jackson when he stated:

"That's not true at all, that is just one of their many schemes to embarass me and drag me through mud and it's the same pattern so don't believe any of this tabloid, sensationalized kind of gossip".

My personal beliefs on the subject of Michael Jackson being broke is that he felt in his mind and based on the financial numbers how could it even be possible that he was flat broke when he owned a music publishing catalogue worth more than 2 billion dollars? Although it appears that he had mounting debts and his cash flow wasn't as strong as it used to be I personally believe that in order for him to extinguish these mounting debts and be cash flow positive, he would have to sell a portion of his catalogue or the entire thing and there was no way that he was going to do that.

Another viable option for him to tame his debts was touring which he had not done in years. Despite this fact, Michael received an offer from AEG (Anschutz Entertainment Group) to do a supposedly 50 show London world tour which according to the New York Times would have netted him 132 million dollars. Michael seeing the value of this opportunity signed the contract. Despite having signed the contract according to those around him he never really consented to do 50 shows because he knew that he was not physically capable of doing them.

Also the people close to him believed the same thing because Michael was very frail and had health concerns. Some AEG employees even had doubts as to whether Michael would be able to perform. They considered him “a basket case”. La Toya Jackson, Michael's sister stated in her memoir entitled “Starting Over” that she believed that something fishy was going on with the AEG deal. She said that Michael confided to her “he would never do a tour again” because he believed that he would be “assassinated on stage”. She also said that Michael only signed on to do 10 shows and the next thing you know when he wakes overnight "there's 50 shows and they told him he had to do them" which she said they knew he wouldn't be able to do.

La Toya went on to state the following:

"They knew he wasn't capable of them, they knew he wasn't healthy enough. He had a kidney problem, he was extremely thin, he was always freezing. They knew what they were doing. This isn't what I'm thinking, these are facts".

Doctor Feel Good

Dr. Conrad Murray was hired by AEG to be Michael Jackson's personal physician at a salary of $150,000 a month. Murray began treating Michael Jackson. For Michael's insomnia he illegally pumped him with the powerful surgical anesthetic propofol which is rarely administered outside the parameter of a hospital.

The question begs why would Murray administer a drug illegally to Michael Jackson and risk losing his medical license? More than likely it was the pressure of being in debt. According to court records Murray was heavily into debt and was ordered to pay creditors $435,000 which included a student loan. In addition, property records showed at the time that he was in serious jeopardy of foreclosing on his home that he had on the 18th hole of a country club.

He also refinanced this property three times in five years and now owed approximately 1.7 million on a house with a value of $1.08 million. I must also note that he had child support payments in which he was in arrears. He was also supporting his wife, son and daughter and court records showed that he also owed thousands of dollars to a woman in California with whom he had a son with. On top of that he was supporting two additional daughters he had with a woman in Las Vegas.

So as you can clearly see the job as Michael Jackson's personal physician at $150,000 per month was much needed to provide some type of financial relief to Murray. This was a once and a lifetime opportunity for him financially and he closed his Las Vegas practice so that he could concentrate solely on Michael. Make no mistake about it Murray was probably chosen by Michael because he knew that he could provide him with what he needed in the form of medication in a discreet manner. I wholeheartedly believe this to be true because Michael Jackson admitted publicly that he was addicted to pain killers and entered a drug rehab program in 1993.

Michael Jackson Murdered

Conrad Murray began working with Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson wound up dead. He was pronounced dead on June 25 2009 and the Los Angeles county coroner ruled that his death was the result of an overdose of propofol. Murray when interviewed by investigators admitted that he had given Michael Jackson propofol for sixty consecutive nights to treat his insomnia and also so that he could get rest for his rehearsals. He also stated that Michael was addicted to propofol and Murray said that Michael referred to the drug as “his milk”.

Murray also said that at the time he was trying to wean Michael off of propofol by giving him small amounts. But in her memoir La Toya Jackson said that this wasn't true because according to the coroner Michael had enough propofol in him to “kill an elephant”. Murray was subsequently arrested and charged with manslaughter which he was convicted of. Murray only served 2 years of a 4 year sentence for killing the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen.

But to many Murray was nothing but a fall guy, “a patsy”. There were powerful people and entities who had a lot to gain from Michael Jackson's death. La Toya Jackson said that Michael told her that he would be murdered for his very valuable publishing catalogue. She said that immediately after his death people that Michael eliminated from his life "came in lurking, asking questions about the catalogue".

Michael's son Prince Jackson testifying in the Jackson family's wrongful death suit trial against AEG recalled an instance where Michael was talking to AEG over the phone. Prince stated "After he got off the phone, he would cry," He also stated that Michael said to him repeatedly "They're going to kill me, they're going to kill me." Prince elaborated even further and said that the “they” that Michael was referring to was AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips and his ex-manager, Dr. Tohme Tohme. Michael even lamented to close confidants that he was worth more dead than alive.

In spite of these claims AEG was found not guilty in the wrongful death suit brought against them by the Jackson family. So what about Michael's valuable music publishing catalogue? Who actually won the battle over that prize possession once he was murdered? Well, let's take a closer look. His catalogue as well as his other assets went to his estate upon his death and his mother and children own a percentage of the estate.

John Branca, Michael's long time entertainment attorney who Michael allegedly fired after Michael supposedly ordered an internal investigation of his own inner circle became one of the co- executors of the estate along with music executive John Mclain. They both receive substantial fees for administering Michael's estate. But if Michael Jackson supposedly terminated John Branca how did he become co-executor of Michael's estate? Supposedly it was in Michael's will they he drew up a long time before that Branca and McClain were to be the co-executors of is estate in the event of his death.

However, the Jackson family claimed that this particular will was a forgery. Nonetheless, in 3 short years the estate reported a $475 million profit which resulted in a huge financial windfall for both McClain and Branca. And what about Sony? Just 9 months after Michael's death Sony signed a deal with Michael Jackson's estate to sell Michael's back catalogue. In addition they were given access to a large vault of unreleased songs. This deal is for a whopping ten albums and is set expire in 2017.

The estate will receive upwards of $250 million dollars in advances as well as other payments. Michael as he said was “worth more dead than alive”. Now the question begs if Michael hated and loathed Sony so much and he was about to leave them as an artist why did the executors of his estate sign a deal with them after his death to deliver more albums to them?

And what about AEG? Even though they were found not guilty in the wrongful death suit brought on by the Jackson family they still tried to collect on a 17.5 million dollar Lloyds of London insurance policy after Michael's death canceled the tour. This claim was rejected when it was revealed in a leaked email that AEG had concerns over Michael's health and stability before the tour.

A Wider Conspiracy

Although Conrad Murray was ultimately convicted in the death of Michael Jackson I strongly believe without a shadow of a doubt that the murder of Michael Jackson involved a wider conspiracy. The powers that be saw him as a threat because he wasn't the Peter Pan character that they believed him to be. This was surely a problem for them because he had influence over billions of people throughout the world. The Illuminati feared that he would use this influence in a way that would be counter-productive to their agenda. He also owned 50% of the world's most valuable music publishing catalogue and he wasn't willing to part with it. So in their eyes he had to be eliminated.

Michael Jackson is just one example of a historical figure being murdered because they stood in the way of the secret society known as the Illuminati or flat out rejected their overtures. In my book entitled “The Illuminati's Greatest Hits: Deception, Conspiracies, Murders And Assassinations By The World's Most Powerful Secret Society I cover in detail the assassinations of other historical figures who also met their demise as a result of the Illuminati.

I explore in great detail the assassinations of Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Patrice Lumumba, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, John F. Kennedy Jr., Pope John Paul I, Louis XVI, Jaime Roldas, Omar Torrijos, Muammar Gadhafi and Princess Diana. I also reveal the real reason why the Titanic ship was sunk.


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